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The Best Workout for Abs to Flaunt Those 6-Packs this Summer

48 Inches chest? Check.

16 Inches Biceps? Check.

Abs -??

  Yes! That is a sad reality of these hard times, especially with epidemic or coronavirus raging across the world.   Each of us was so busy in bringing out those guns that some of us just forgot about the most important section of the body, aka The Core.   But you need not worry as the closure of the gym does not means you should forget about working out this core muscle. best workout for abs With that, we have come up with the best workout for abs without the need for any expensive equipment or costly gym memberships.   All you need to do these exercises is willpower and a strong determination, because abs are also the hardest part to work on.   Never mind, we are sure you are aware that the core consists of the lower and upper abdominals, also known as upper and lower abs.   Let us first start with the exercises for the lower abdominals.  

Best Workout For Lower Abs – The Storehouse of Fat

best workout for abs Unfortunately, your lower abs are the hardest to work out as the body stores the excess of fat here.   However, you need not worry as these workouts are specially designed to help you reduce that fat and minimize chances of a back pain.   You need to make sure to perform each of these exercises for 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest between each set.   Let us start.  

Exercise #1 – Heel Taps

best workout for abs

How to Do This One

  1. You need to lie down facing upwards with hands under the hips and knees bent.
  1. Next, you need to make sure the calves are parallel to the floor.
  1. Now, gently lower your flexed feet forward till the heel is just touching the mat.
  1. Lastly, squeeze your abs to raise the feet up to the starting position.

Exercise #2 – The Scissor

best workout for abs

How to Do This One

  1. Start with the lying faceup position, hands behind your head and shoulders off the floor.
  1. Now, using your abdominals, lift the legs a little off the ground and scissor kick (As shown in the picture above) with alternating between one leg down and the other leg up.
  1. Lastly, make sure not to strain your neck or jut your chin forward.
  It is one of the best workout for lower abs, which you can do easily at home without the need of any special equipment.  

Exercise#3 – Cross Body Climber

best workout for abs

How to Do This One

  1. Start in the high plank position with the body straight, the core engaged, and hips on a level.
  1. Now, lift your right leg and draw the right knee towards the left elbow.
  1. Next, return the right leg to the plank position and lift the left leg and take the knee towards the right elbow.
  1. Lastly, continue this exercise with alterations.

Exercise#4 – Rolling Plank

best workout for abs

How to Do This One

  1. You need to start this one in the low plank position on your forearms and hold for at least 10 seconds.
  1. Roll onto the right elbow, stack your feet and hold the side plank position for 10 seconds, which will engage the obliques.
  1. Now, roll back through the center and onto the left elbow, stack your feet and hold the position for 10 seconds.
  1. Lastly, make sure to alternate between both legs while keeping the core engaged, and do not let your hips drop.
  These four exercises are the best workout for lower abs, which anyone can with a small mat can do at home without paying any hefty gym fees.   Now, it is time for us to share the exercises to help develop your upper abdominal strength.   Without further ado, let us now check out the exercises for upper abs.  

Best Workout for Upper Abs –The Hardest Part to Train

With the upper abs, it is more about rigorous exercise as compared to any other part of the body.   Remember, upper abs are the hardest part to train as compared to the mid-section and lower abs.   Without further ado, let us start.  

Exercise#1 – Crunches

best workout for abs The very routine of upper abs exercise will remain incomplete without mentioning the good old Crunches.

How to Do This One

  1. Firstly, lie down on the floor and bend your knees so the feet are flat on the floor.
  1. Next, you need to place both hands behind your head and extend them in front of you.
  1. Curl your upper body forward and raise the head and shoulder blades off the floor. Engage the core muscles.
  1. Lastly, get back to the floor and repeat the exercise.
  If you are looking for the best workout for upper abs, then this one takes the cake.  

Exercise#2 – Lying Knee Raises

  best workout for abs A word to the wise – this exercise is best for those who have a little experience with working out at the gym.   The reason? This one requires a strong and firm pull up bar.   But wait, we have an alternative to this.

How to Do This One

  1. Firstly, lie down on the floor with your face up and hands behind the hips. Make sure to keep both legs parallel to the ground and a bit in the air (As shown in the picture above).
  2. Make sure the knees are straight and bent at an angle of 90 degrees.
  1. Now, curl your body to bring the knees up to the chest. Exhale while doing this motion.
  1. Once you are in this position, hold for a second and lower back the leg as you inhale.
  1. Lastly, repeat this motion with both the legs.

Exercise#3 – Toe Touches

best workout for abs The toe touch exercise is one of the best workout for upper abs, as it totally depends on your strength and stability.

How to Do This One

  1. Lie down on the floor with your legs extended in the front and arms extended behind your head.
  1. Now, gently lift your legs off the floor so they are facing straight towards the ceiling.
  1. Gently raise your hands, shoulders and head off the floor. Make sure to try to touch the toes with your fingers.
  1. Lastly, get back to the starting position and repeat.
  There you have it, folks! The seven exercises to help you maintain the core even during this time of lockdown!   Remember – With rigorous training and determination come the results!   Best of luck!

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