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check out how Samantha Prabhu keep her fit.

The family man fame Samantha Prabhu is a fitness freak.And We took a sneak peek into her fitness regime.

Who doesn’t know star Samantha prabhu, a star from down south? Samantha showed her acting talent in her work in web series ‘family man’ alongside Manoj Bajpayee.

Apart from her personal life due to which she remained in news in last few months, her acting beauty and fitness is the talk of the town. 

Samantha has worked in Telegu and Tamil movies. She made a debut in movies back in 2010 and critics have appreciated her convincing performance in the movie ‘ye maya chesava’.

All said, she is fitness freak as she committed in her interviews. she says even if her shoot comes in between of her workout, she makes sure that she wakes up at 5 am in the morning and go to the gym. she never compromises on her health.

And when schedules are strict, she finds way to go for jog if not the gym.

We can’t but gush about glowing skin she has. Her fitness and workout keep her skin fit and fine. She regularly practices silambam, which is a martial art which originated in tamilnadu.

Few days back in her interview she told us why she workouts so much she posted a picture on her Instagram account and captioned it saying that if you want to eat then workout. Clearly depicting that she workouts because she doesn’t want to think about the intake of extra calories while eating a plate of samosas.

Her workout ranges from heave weight training to calm yoga and muscle stretching Pilates.

She is typically a vegan. Therefore,She stays away from any kind of animal product. Samantha fulfills her protein needs from vegetables and pulses. Being a fitness fanatic, she keeps on posting her gym pictures and videos quite frequently. 

She urges her fan to pick up healthy lifestyle and good workout regime. Lately she posted her weightlifting video where she claims that she is improving her weightlifting game. 

Samantha is recently seen in a peppy song ‘o antava’ alongside Allu arjun in movie Pushpa.

The songs crossed the record with millions of views because of sizzling chemistry of her herself and Allu arjun and hot dance moves which left her fans breathless.

According to the sources she has purchased a flat in Mumbai to focus on her Bollywood acting career.