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Britney Spears announces her wedding plans with Sam Asghari!

Britney spears has been keeping the headlines of the news in Hollywood burning . Since past few months specially , when she got relief from her conservatorship in last year month of may. Apart from that her love angle with her boyfriend Sam Asghari has been in the news for quiet some time. The duo have exchanged the engagement rings. furthermore we know that they went on to a holiday to celebrate their engagement. Interestingly, we know that britney is pregnant with her child with her fiance Sam Asghari. She has been constantly posting about the exhilaration she is feeling with the pregnancy .

The news have again popped up after Britney and Sam Asghari have taken to their Instagram and made it official that they are going to tie the knots and exchange the vows. Sam asghari had posted on the Instagram telling his fans that their plan of marriages have taken off. Along with that he has also said that they have fixed the date fir the big day. But they will not reveal the big day date till the wedding does not take place.

On the other hand Britney has also shared the picture of her veil from her wedding dress on the Instagram.The picture showed her kitten sitting on her white fairy veil. She wrote on her post that she is introducing wendy.

Sam mentioned in his post that they have been lucky to be together and their story is like a fairy tale love story. And they are ready to take this one notch higher . Meanwhile , in the month on November last year Britney spears has revealed that she will chose her dear friend to design her wedding dress. The dear friend is Donatella Versace. Donatella confirmed this news in an event. Donatella said that Britney is doing great after her conservatorship has ended. Further more Britney is in best of her mental peace and state.

Interestingly this is the third time Britney will be be marrying. Previously she has married Jason alexander and Kevin Federline. She has two son from her previous marriage Sean Presten and Mayden James. Meanhwhile Sam has revealed that he wants to keep the sex of their unborn child a secret. He said he wants to spoil his daughter as a princess if its a girl. He added that he wants to raise his son to be the toughest one if its a boy.

Travis Scott gives first performance after 6 month of tragedy at his concert!

Who can forget the astro world incident that took place in Houston which left 10 people who attended the music show dead. We know that the famous singer Travis Scott was performing in that show. the singer was definitely deeply hurt by the incident . the incident scarred him for some time. But we now Travis scott has come out in the light age 6 months of the tragedy. Travis Scott performed in the Miami . Interestingly this is the first time Travis scott has performed after that incident on such a big level. He will be performing in the billboard music festival of 2022 also.

Along with Travis Scott many other renowned singers will be performing in the bill board music awards. Billboard made this announcement that latto, megan thee stallion, Ed sheeran, red hot chilli peppers and morgan wallen will be performing in the award ceremony. Sean diddy confirmed this news that Travis will be performing in this upcoming music awards. In the Instagram video diddy is saying that he requested NBC to let Travis perform. Diddy said that he made the demand that Travis has to perform when he is hosting the show. NBC said yes to that demand and hence travis will be in the music awards performing.

Meanwhile this is the first time he is performing at such a big level in Miami. After the incident which took place in houston in november in 2021, Travis has stopped taking any big projects. Though he continued going to private events. Like in coachella he performed infront of guests like serena williams and leonardo di caprio. Apart from that internet has cancelled many of his shows following the incident happened in houston. Though Travis has publicly apologised for his ignorance and unfortunate deaths and injuries inflicted on the people who attended his concert.

People blamed travis scott for his mis management of his event. Further more he carried on performing while people were in need of help and medical assistance. Though later he apologised that he did not know the gravity of the situation . And hence could not take care of the people who attended and suffered in the incident. Kylie jenner , travis scott ‘s partner has been standing strong with him during this tragedy. She made sure he does not face the law suits against him alone. Atleast 200 people faced injuries while attending his concert and 10 people died in the unfortunate incident.

Avatar 2 teaser out, Avatar: the way of water painted the fans blue!

According to the sources the movie will be hitting the theatres on december 16

The cinema world went for a ride of their lives. The fans rejoiced when the first part of avatar hit the theatres. It was the first of its kind of movie . The concept, acting, the actors and the 3d effects in the movie were just impeccable. We still remember the the movie and the way it inspired one entire generation. After a decade the fans are happy. we will tell you the reason. After 20 years of the first movie the avatar. the sequel of the movie will be hitting the theatres soon. When the announcement was made all the sci fi fans could not keep calm. And now we know that this was not just the rumors.

The makers of the movie released the teaser of the sequel avatar: the way of water . The sequel came to the light with sequel of doctor strange 2 sequel. Just after releasing the sequel on theatres the makers did not lose the time to release the same online. So the news have made the fans super happy as they have been waiting for it from past 10 years. The movie is under the direction of James cameron. Jon landau and Cameron are co producing this sequel. The movie has surely a great ensemble of skilled actors. meanwhile it is interesting to note that Kate Winslet will also be working on this project.

Apart from kate, other prominent actors in the movie are cliff Curtis, Joel David moore, zoe saldana, stephen lang,edie falco,sam worthington,jemaine clement etc. The sequel according to the trailer is all about the family of sully. According to the trailers as we know is the movie will be revolving around their hardships. Furthermore it will show how the family take care of each other and become a safety net for each other. It will show the turmoil they have endured on their journey.

The avatar franchise is one of the biggest grosser of all the time. Since the year 2009 ,no other movie could take its place. The teaser is all blue in its shade . The intriguing thing about the teaser was usage of one single voice in an entire teaser of 2 minutes. The voice is of sam worthington. Sam worthington is playing the role of jake sullky. Meanwhile,Avatar has been a pioneer in the movie of its genre. It entirely changed many way how technology was helping in creating the onscreen effects.

Benedict Cumberbatch hints on taking the break after intense work of doctor strange

doctor strange has certainly created a lot of hype after its release , Cumberbatch wants to rest now!

Benedict Cumberbatch has always created the stir with his kind of the projects he has delivered. After the release of doctor strange in multiverse of madness there are few hints which are surfacing which are intriguing. Benedict Cumberbatch in an interview has revealed his plans .

He said he wants to take a break from the acting after the release of doctor strange the multiverse of madness. Apparently he has done big time intensive work on his this sequel of the movie. So we can take an idea that this might be one of the reason of his taking the break.

In the interview while replying to the question of the interview he implicitly dropped the hints . Benedict said that he guess his variant might be taking a break from all this for a while. And his variant would be little less busy than what he is now. Yes we certainly got few hints from such statements.

But as far now we still do not know if he actually wants to take a break from acting . Or he just wants to take a vacation from his work. But apart from this Benedict is certainly enjoying his hands on to different projects. His upcoming projects are wonderful story of henry sugar and the 39 steps. The shooting of both is taking place in london. Morning and rogue male remains another such project of benedict.

As far as fans who are super excited to see their favourite marvel star to be in other such movies of MCU. When spider man:no way way home came out , the fans wanted more such ensemble of the stars. While in an another interview benedict Cumberbatch has shared his experience of shooting for doctor strange the multiverse of madness.

He revealed that this character gave him lot to do lots of retrospection. Benedict Cumberbatch has returned to the sequel of the this MCU movie with Elizabeth Oslen. After watching the movie we can surely say that Elizabeth oslen has clearly stolen the show in the movie.

Elizabeth has surely got great reviews for her character. Many fans think that she has done justice to the character. The way she has potrayed the character of a distressed superhero is amazing. Director Sam Raimi has this time given an entire different twist to the movie .He revealed that audience will definitely not get what they will expect out of a normal superhero movie.

The singer Post Malone welcomes the fatherhood; reveals he is expecting child.

Post Malone shares his excitement and amusement to bring child in his life!

The famous rapper post malone, has shared a happy news with his fans. Post malone whose songs have been quiet a hit among the youth has disclosed the happiest news. he revealed that he is going to be father soon. The rapper had been a long term relationship with his partner for quiet some time now.

Though he has never revealed the identity pf his partner ever. But he has shared the news with his fans that he is expecting his first child with hi9s love interest. The news has obviously left the audience in awe of the singer. The fans could not wait to see their favourite singer turn into the father mode.

In an interview Post malone has discussed how good he feels about this new journey he is about to take in his life . He further mentioned that that this the first time he is so happy. He also said that he wants to bring many changes to his lifestyle and in life altogether before the child comes in his life .

Further more he mentioned that he wants to adopt a lifestyle where he can taker care of his body and mind. He also wants to be close to his family and his friends in this new phase of his life . He revealed that he is definitely preparing himself for the fatherhood.

Austin richard post, also known as post Malone has discussed that he wants to spread joy and love to the people very where. Apart from this post has all the more reasons to actually make merry. His upcoming album twelve carat toothache is about to see the light of the day next month. His fans can not seem to control the excitement. Though it is interesting to note that his fans really had to wait for almost 3 years for this album. His last work was hollywood’s bleeding , which came out in year 2019.

Post Malone is rumored to be dating korean rapper MLMA

He came in news recently for getting new set of diamond teeth which cost around $1.6 million.

Meanwhile few years back Post has distanced himself from the social media . He cited the reason of his mental health for taking this step. Post said that instagram has definitely ruined his mental peace and he wants to take a respite and give time to himself .

He handed over the control of his social media pages to his representatives which he found relaxing and peaceful.

Lili Reinhart calls out on Kim Kardashian’s toxic lifestyle!!

Lili Reinhart takes a dig at toxic dietary culture of the industry.

Kim kardashian has certainly made a lot of news in met gala this year. More so she is in the news due to her ensemble and attire she carried ion the met gala this year. According to the news Kim kardashian has actually worn the marlyn monroe’s dress. The dress is the one which Marlyn monroe has worn when she sung the happy birthday to Jhon f kennedy in the year 1962. The dress is historic and it cost 5 million dollars. But the interesting part was Kim Kardashian has revealed on the red carpet interview some interesting facts.

Kim Kardashian has revealed that she has actually starved herself to reduce her weight in 3 weeks . She while replying to question of lA LA anthony she said that she actually kept running on treadmill and starved herself . Also she avoided all the carbs to fit into the dress. She said that initially she could not fit into the dress. Though she left every one impressed with the her dedication to wear the dress to the met gala.

But there are few people for whom this news did not go down well. Lili Reinhart is one of them. She took to instagram and strongly criticised the culture of crash diet and an the toxic dietary plans of the celebrity.

Lili actually talked bout it on the social media . She said that it is not a healthy practise by the celebrities to talk about their starvation to fit into the dress.

She calls out on this behaviour of superficiality. Lili said that it is wrong on the multiple levels. Apart from this she also said that celebrities must be aware of the fact that they are role models to many. Further more she added that many young people look upto you to. Due to which celebrities must be cautious in setting up a right and honest example in front of the world.

Though she did not mention any one in her post. But the fans lose the time to understand that the post was referring to kim kardashian. Many people actually appreciated the courage of Lili the way she stood up against the standards of the hollywood.

She even clarified that she is not the angry person in general. Lili added that such kind of toxic behaviour gets on her nerves. She even urged the fans to stop following such people whose image is concentrated around their bodies because she thinks that it is harmful.

Trailer of ‘Weird: Al Yankovic’ out, Daniel Radcliffe shines in his character of Yankovic!

the life and history of the artist remains the theme of the movie

Daniel Radcliffe has always left us in awe of his cinematic choices and acting skills. The harry potter star never leaves a stone unturned when it comes to showing his skills on screen . This time he is bringing a different experience by working in the biopic of Al Yankovic, an artist. The movie Weird: Al Yankovic is based on the life story of the artist from american Al Yankovic. The fans are eagerly waiting to see their favourite star Daniel radcliffe in his new avatar. The trailer of the movie is out now. We can see Daniel in completely getting into the character of Al yankovic.

Evan Rachel wood will be potraying the role of madonna. Apart from that Rainn wilson will be in the role of radio broadcaster. In the trailer we can see Daniel radcliff wearing the famous alohan shirt of Al yankovic. Yankovic has worked together with the director Eric Appel. Meanwhile,We can see the movie hitting the roku channel this year. The film will show transition of Al yankovic into the greatest musician of his times. Apart from this the movie will revolve around the career and the life of the artist. Also,His affairs will also find mention in the movie. The movie will show the path leading to his winning the grammy. The meteoric rise of al yankovic will be the theme of the movie.

We all know Yankovic as one of the best comedy artist of our times. In the year 2014, his album mandatory fun came out and in the history of music it was the first time that a comedy album came on the top in billboard’s chart.

Daniel Radcliff has recently worked with Sandra bullock in the project the lost city. Also,In the movie he has played the role of a villain who is a billionaire. Daniel Radcliffe has shared his experience of working with the star like Sandra. In an interview Daniel Radcliffe has shared how he was in awe of Sandra bullock. He revealed that working with Sandra bullock actually was actually a dream come true for him.

In an another interview, Daniel Radcliffe said that he feels that he is fit to play the character of spider man. Though he praises tom holland and other such actors who played the spider man . He feels that he is naturally apt to play the role of spider man. Daniel has different genre of the movies to his credit. but the superhero genre is one such in which he is yet to try his hands on.

Drew Barrymore takes a dig at Jhonny Depp and Amber Heard’s legal battle; later apologises!

Drew barrymore took to instagram to apologise for her insensitive comment!

The legal battle between amber heard and jhonny depp has garnered a lot of attention in past few days. The high profile case is the talk of the town in many ways in many cities across the globe. But this time it is again in the news due to another reason. Recently drew barrymore made a small light dig at the legal battle of the duo. Drew Barrymore while hosting a talk show made some insensitive analogy of the legal turmoil of Jhonny depp and amber heard. She compared the situation with some analogies which did not go well down with the fans.

Fans immediately pin pointed the mistake which drew made. They further called the act of taking the dig at such a traumatic case as very insensitive. For the readers who did not know we must shed little light on the incident. Drew while chatting with Anderson on a chat show commented that this court case is layers of insanity. Further she said that it is very difficult for someone to bear the situation as she has been in the same situation. She said she knows how it feels when the personal life is put on the public front. She said that two actors have proivided such intimate details which is crazy.

But drew took no time in apologizing for her mistake. She immediately realised that she has made some insensitive comments. Drew further took to her instagram posting her apologies. She mentioned that her words have hurt and offending some people. Drew even thanked all the fans and people who had made her realise her mistake. Shesaid that this moment has taught a lot. She has learnt a lot on how she has to conduct herself and how she moves forward in life. Drew said this incident has helped her being a better human . She even thanked all the fans who have taken time out and taught her. Further she said this has helped her to grow as a person.

Apart from that drew barrymore has also revealed that she has been on the dating apps trying to find the one. The 46 years old actress said that she could not connect with any one. She even said that at time she has a feeling of a loser. She further revealed that she has been sober from past two and a half year. Further more she said that sobriety has served her life and her mental peace alot. As we know drew barrymore is in the entertainment industry from childhood in 1980’s.

Kim kardashian wears Marlyn Monroe’s gown from 1962! at Met gala.

Kim lost 8 kgs in 3 weeks just to fit into the historic fashionable gown.

Kim kardashian is always in the news in in the headlines for some thing quirky or setting up a trend. Be it her personal style or her personal style she is always talk of the town. And we must say she never fails to impress us by her her fashion statements. This year on the met gala kim kardashian has made us gush over her class statement she made. We must tell that this year in the met gala kim wore the famous gown of Marlyn monroe. According to the sources the dress has sequin work and Marlyn wore it to sing happy birthday to the president F Kennedy. Marlyn wore this gown in the year 1962. This gown remained the historical heritage in the world of fashion.

While talking to the host la la Anthony Kim revealed that it was not easy to get into that dress. She further said that due to its historic value there was no chance that she can alter it. Furthermore she mentioned that she has reduced 8 kgs in 3 weeks just to get herself in to the dress. She compared the reduction of her weight as preparing for some role. she said that the task was Herculean to wear the gown.

Further she revealed that how she obtained the dress . She the guards brought the dress to her and she had to wear the gloves to wear the gown. Kim mentioned that she always thought that Marlyn was bigger at the curves where she herself is smaller and vice a versa. Further more she added that when she could not fit into the gown she wanted to cry her eyes out. But she so want to wear the gown that she made it aim ton reduce the weight inn 3 weeks. She also mentioned the dietry habits she adopted for her weight loss.

Kim revealed that she cut down on all the carbs and sugar for three weeks. Furthermore she said that it was not like that she had to starve herself but she ate all the clean veggies. She wore the sauna suit all the day. Apart from that she did a lot of cardio and ran on tread mill to get the desired result for the gown. And when she finally got into the the dress she had sense of accomplishment . Meanwhile it is interesting to note that Kim made first public appearance with her boyfriend Pete Davidson on met gala red carpet this year.

John Wick chapter 4 will be out soon as makers revealed at cinemacon!

So the makers of john wick have actually come up with the surprise for the fans of the franchise. The guests of cinemacon got a great gift of cinematic experience . The makers have revealed john wick chapter 4. The movie will supposedly hit the theatres in the month of march next year. The reason we think the movie’s introduction is done so early because the movie is full of major action sequences of all the time. The movie is perhaps full of over the type of thriller which has certainly grabbed the attention of the fans ion the cinemacon and us too.

John wick franchise is basically a trilogy which has a great fan following and base among the fans. The concept of the movie is something which stands it out from rest of the thriller movie. The movie is revolving around the man john wick who is actually an assasin.

The assassin had left his work . but somehow the Russian gangsters have involved him into the trade again. The reason is not direct. Apparently they killed the dog of jhon wick. And this infuriated him and takes up the arms again. And then starts the blood war. The entire action sequence ranges from chapter 1 of Jhon wick to the third chapter of john wick parabellum.

We saw that there was terrible betrayal inflicted on the john wick in john wick parabellum. In the chapter 4 john wick is back with full throttle to take the revenge of all the wrong metred out to him. The character of john wick is more clever and sharp ion this movie. The movie is full of samurai actions. This is the first time keanu reeves will be using nunchucks in the series.

In this new movie wick will be using new kind of weaponary. Earlier The kind of actions are mostly involving the knives, motorbikes . The action has certainly taken a new turn. The makers have decided to change the action hero into the superhero.

Earlier this year, makers of devil in the white city has involved keanu reeves in the talking terms to star in the series. The base of the movie is 2003, novel of the same name . The novel writer is Erik Larson. The movie is based on the lives of the two individuals whose lives are some how connected through a common event, that is world chicago fair of 1893.