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Who is Miley Cyrus dating ?

Maxx Morando,rumoured to be dating Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been again in news but this time not with some out of the box acts. We couldn’t stop gushing over the rumor that she is dating Maxx Morando,  a drummer.

Apparently, the duo is seen hanging out a lot lately ahead of new year celebration. 

The couple shard a kiss on the balcony of their Miami resort. In one of her picture we can see The 29-year-old singer stretching her leg on the balcony. While in another shot, she is seen with her bottoms out in the direction of the balcony. 

Miley and max 23 were see together romantically for the first time in Nashville in Tennessee. The two also attended the Gucci love parade style present in los angels in November. This has fired up the rumor that Miley Cyrus is dating Maxx Morando dating, and romance has started between the two. 

 Maxx Morando was a drummer in the regrets. Eventually, the group has released their debut EP hey in 2015. They adopted it with FEEL YOUR FEELINGS FOOL in 2017, their debut album.

Maxx teamed up with Dylan Nash, Sam de la Torre and Charlie anastasis to form lilly. In one of his interviews, he said that they have gone to high school together and some of them know each other from the age of seven. 

Maxx shared one of the Miley’s posts in one of his stories and made his highlight which may hint us towards something that might have been cooking up between the couple. Lately, in one of her performances at new year eve celebration at New York she suffered wardrobe malfunction. Miley’s top came undone. She immediately but smoothly goes backstage while putting hand on her top and then coming of the backstage wearing blazer.

Her fans appreciated the way she handled the malfunction. As a result many fans expressed their support they way she carried on singing unhindered. Some of them tweeted that this is the kind of energy we need in 2022. Others went on to write that this is how we should lead our problems unbothered and smoothly. Certainly, Miley’s cool yet dignified behavior surely garnered lot of support from us and other fans. 

Miley closed the night with the ballad named ‘you’. She shared the performance of January 1 on Instagram. Consequently,She received lot of questions by her fans on where they could stream the song. To which she replied that she hasn’t even recorded that yet. She added that she wanted to do something special for her fans.

Are Kanye west and Julia fox dating?

Kanye west and and ‘uncut gems’ starJulia fox spotted on dinner on new year.

Is Kanye west dating uncut gem star Julia fox? their date to Carbone on new year turned the heads and kept us guessing.

Both were spotted wearing for chilly winter night of the New York city. The 31-year-old actress was wearing blue velvet crushed coat with knee length boots. Kanye was wearing black jacket with a hoodie and rubber boots.

The duo went on to see Broadway production of slave play. According to sources, they went to dinner after that at Carbone. In addition to that the couple was seen on a holiday together where they went for double date with DRINK CHAMPS host and his wife.

According to sources Kanye and Julia are dating. Both have come together by helping each other recover from their former relationships immensely.

Apparently, Julia separated from her husband Peter Artemiev. She has a son with Pete.in an Instagram post she slammed her ex by calling him ‘alcoholic’. Furthermore, she wrote that her former husband has left her with 5-month-old and a dog and lot of bills. Though peter maintained the dignity and said that he will not comment further.

Kanye who has divorced Kim Kardashian after 7 years of marriage has made an interesting purchase lately. He has purchased a home in the hidden hills California. The property has 5 rooms and 4 baths worth $4.5 millions.

This home is on same street as his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. If sources are to believe, then Kanye purchased home to make co-parenting easier. He has 4 children with Kim Kardashian north, saint, Chicago psalm.

Interestingly, in November 2021 Kanye had released a five-minute video where asks Kim to unite with him. While she is dating Pete Davidson Kim has told the sources that marriage with Kanye has broken down to an extent where NO ONE CAN SAVE IT. And month later they seemed to have moved on.

When asked by paparazzi, fox neither confirmed nor denied her relationship with Kanye west. She simply said that doesn’t know at that moment. Few twitteratis are calling out fox has someone who has baby daddy issues herself.

We are yet to wait and see if Kanye west is dating . And what he has to say about his lady love and his old pleas to his ex-wife to get back to him.

Squid game actor lee Jung boycotts golden globe

Racism and corruption infects golden globe,BTS v and lee Jung meet

The controversies of racism has again marred the golden globes award. In addition to which has made global giants such as Netflix and amazon to boycott it.

Many actors such as tom cruise and scarlet Johnson has decided to cut their ties off with golden globe. Tom cruise has even returned the 2 statues he had received from golden globe

To stay in solidarity with Netflix, the star of squid games lee Jung jae has also declined the invitation to present to golden globes. THE squid games star is nominated for the in best actor category at golden globes 2022.

Though he is grateful for the nominations but will boycott it due to controversies surrounding golden globe.

The other factor of lee Jung of not participating in the golden globes is of course the rising covid cases in the world. So, safety remains the major concern for many actors including lee Jung jae.

Along with this, lee Jung jae is also nominated in best actor category in drama series in at critics’ choice television awards 2022, for squid games. Jae has cancelled his plans on us.

This award has come under the controversy for it the way it conducts its voting system. Many of its members are allegedly taking bribes to decide nominees and the winners.All this biased behavior on part of golden globes has made it lose it credibility.

Media giant broadcaster NBC has totally boycotted the golden globes has decided not to air the awards this air. Now it’s not sure how golden globes awards will telecast the same.

Interestingly, last year the movie Minari won the golden globe but in the foreign language category even when Brad pitt’s plan b entertainment has produced it , which is brad bitts production house’s movie.

lee Isaac chung, a Korean American, depicting the Korean American experience directed the movie.

 This led to golden globe saw the flack of being racist. To this golden globe said that more than half of the movie is in foreign language 

Apparently, HPFA the Hollywood foreign press association is not diverse in its membership leading to racism.

Recently we have come across a charming selfie of BTS member v and lee Jung joe. It left everyone speculating if Kim taehyung is joining the squid games season 2. we are yet to see that.

Tristan’s paternity test out.Fathers Maralee’s child

Cheating scandal unveils-apologies to Khloe Kardashian

Who does not know Tristan Thompson? A Canadian NBA player of the Sacramento Kings is allegedly in news for all good and bad reasons. Among many includes his relationship with Khloe Kardashian. 

Tristan Thompson took to his Instagram to declare his paternity test which confirms that he fathers the third child with Maralee Nichols. He confirmed his paternity test.

He said he looks forward to raising his child in the most amicable way. Therefore, in one of his stories on Instagram he apologized to everyone he has hurt. He specially mentions Khloe Kardashian and apologizes to her with regret.

Tristan declares his love for Khloe along with hint of guilt. He approves of the fact that his action has brought humiliation to her.

And on top of it, he accepts, that Khloe doesn’t deserve this. On the top of it, Khloe and Tristan’s relationship was sabotaged when the NBA player kissed the family member Jordyn woods in a party. 

Since then, the duo has been in an on-off relationship and finally separated. The separation saw the light of the day after an Instagram model Sydney chase threw an allegation at an NBA player.

She said that she and NBA player had an intimate relationship right after Tristan reunited with Khloe. However, after that Khloe has confirmed that she is sticking with Tristan for her child. Amid all these allegations Khloe had decided to co-parent her daughter True Thompson. The close reports say that she wants to have healthy equation with Tristan for her daughter True Thompson.

 This revelation came after a month of his exposed relationship with Maralee Nichols. Tristan accepts that he had sex with Nichols on his 30th birthday. Meanwhile Nichols had sued Tristan earlier this month.

She revealed that Tristan agreed to pay $75000 to stay quiet about it.

Nichols has demanded the expenses of pregnancy and birth and other legal fees. She has requested the court to grant the legal custody of child to her. and Tristan gets only visitation right.

Khloe Kardashian who has a daughter with Tristan ‘trump Thompson’ has not yet passed any statement after Tristan’s confirmed paternity test. We are yet to see how this entire scandal unfolds itself. Khloe and Tristan have supported each other after their breakup. They have co-parented True Thompson. Meanwhile Tristan Thomson has another 4-year-old child son named prince with another ex-Jordan Craig.

Stevie Nicks reported that she is dropping her continuing 2021 concerts dates because of COVID-19

Stevie Nicks reported that she is dropping her continuing 2021 concerts dates because of COVID-19. The musician was set to play at a few celebrations, including the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, which has been deferred.

“These are testing times with measuring choices that must be made,” Nicks said in a proclamation posted on Instagram. “I need everybody to be protected and the rising COVID cases ought to be of worry to us all.”

“While I’m immunized, at my age, I am as yet being amazingly wary and thus have chosen to skirt the 5 concerts I had gotten ready for 2021,” the 73-year-old said.

“Since singing and performing have been for what seems like forever, my essential objective is to keep solid so I can keep singing for the following decade or more,” the assertion proceeded. “I’m crushed and I realize the fans are baffled, yet we will look towards a more splendid 2022.”

Notwithstanding the New Orleans set in October, Nicks was additionally reserved for the Jazz Aspen Festival in Colorado, Austin City Limits Music Festival, and BottleRock Napa Valley in California.

She was supplanted by country vocalist Chris Stapleton as the main event of the BottleRock celebration.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival declared it would defer the yearly occasion from October to April. Notwithstanding Nicks, the Rolling Stones were set to play.

Nicks and the Rolling Stones both pulled out of the New Orleans celebration in 2019. Scratches’ band Fleetwood Mac was wrapping up its 50 or more city visit, however, she expected to drop the show as she combats seasonal influenza. Drifters dropped because of Mick Jagger’s heart medical procedure.

Nicks should make up the presentation in 2020, yet the jazz celebration was deferred an entire year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In April 2021, it was deferred again to October.

The delays come as the Delta variation proceeds to quickly spread all through the U.S. Over a year after the pandemic began and months after antibodies were carried out, cases are as yet moving, with 184,346 new cases provided details regarding Tuesday, as per information ordered by Johns Hopkins.

Just 51% of the U.S. populace has been completely immunized and emergency clinics report by far most of their COVID-19 cases are unvaccinated individuals.

Alabama and Louisiana are among the states that have seen some of the most serious COVID-19 floods so far this mid-year. Louisiana had one of the most minimal immunization rates, however, last week shots sped up 84%. In like manner, Alabama expanded 100%. Nebraska and Minnesota likewise saw a huge expansion in inoculations.

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Julie Bowen is a legend, Saved a local during her mountain climbing

Recently, the Modern Family star visited Utah’s Arches National Park with her sister, were they out of the blue ran over Minnie John, who had blacked out while on a climb. The New Jersey-local post-mind-blowing story on Facebook, where she uncovered that she was climbing with her better half and child when she began feeling dazed. In the wake of permitting them to progress forward without her, John swooned and hit herself on a close-by rock.

Fortunate for the explorer, the 51-year-old entertainer and her sister, who turns out to be in the clinical field, were nearby and offered some assistance.

“All I recollect is staying there with my head in my grasp secure on the stone,” John wrote in her post. “Next thing I hear somebody with a recognizable voice continued asking me inquiries. I contemplated whether I may be sitting in front of the TV. My eyes were shut and they said I will be fine and they were cleaning my face and gauzing me up. I heard that natural voice saying I will be alright, a specialist is tidying me up.”

She proceeded, “After such countless more inquiries and staying gooey things in my mouth, giving me electrolytes, they lifted me as I opened my eyes and put me in a difficult spot on that stone, that face looked so recognizable again and I asked her again if I knew her or was she popular and the specialist said yes. As my eyes began to concentrate more, she grinned and took her barrette off, and shook her hair for me to sort out. Her sister the specialist requested that I estimate and I revealed to her I just hit my head, I can’t recall. She said, grinning, Modern Family, and I said obviously! I revealed to her she was so excellent.”

Another gathering of climbers even stepped in to find John’s significant other and child, who later carried her to the medical clinic where she got a modest bunch of lines and therapy for a cracked nose.

“Love you Julie and Annie and presently I have gotten popular briefly for my shenanigans!” John closed

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Countdown starts for Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ Livestream

In the extremely early times of Thursday, Apple Music dispatched a Livestream through an in-application takeover before Kanye West’s second live stream of his deferred new music collection, “Donda,” again at Mercedes Stadium in Atlanta.

Fourteen days prior, West — who has held comparative listening occasions for his last two official music releases— held a comparable live-streamed meeting in the arena in front of the album’s initially determined performance date of July 23. In any case, as he has done commonly before, he avoided the cutoff time to accomplish more work on the collection, with the premiere date knock to August 6. West moved to the arena to deal with the album; the truth will surface eventually whether he makes this premiere date.

The Livestream is highlighted on the facade of Apple Music’s page, nonetheless, watchers evidently should pursue the real-time feature to watch.

In any case, a connection to a Livestream of the official occasion, recorded as starting at 9:30 p.m. ET, is accessible on West’s true site. The past occasion was planned to start at 8 p.m. ET yet didn’t begin until almost two hours after the fact.

The Livestream is to some degree suggestive of Frank Ocean’s comparative “occasion” on the assistance ahead of his “Endless” music numbers five years prior, where fans ended up observing nothing for extended lengths of time.

As per Complex, the Livestream was at first centered around what is by all accounts West’s living quarters inside the arena with a commencement clock appended to the wall. At different focuses, Chance the Rapper was seen halting by, as were Vic Mensa, co-maker Mike Dean, Steve Lacy, Fivio Foreign, and others. West showed up at a few focuses, including once doing push-ups.

At around 11 a.m. ET, the Livestream highlighted film of West resting.


As Apple Music has clarified, the sound for the stream has been “deliberately muted,” for the occasion. How long fans can hope to be denied of hearing the enticing hints of West doing push-ups stays not yet clear.

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Kelly Clarkson may now Miss Independent, yet she will pay $200,000 each month to Brandon Blackstock as Divorce Settlement

Kelly Clarkson may now be Miss Independent, yet she can’t completely split away from her spouse. The artist and TV host have has been requested to pay Brandon Blackstock almost $200,000 each month in help during their continuing separation, after they recorded longer than a year prior in June 2020, as per the Blast. The cash comes out to $150,000 in spousal help and $45,601 in kid support for their two kids, River and Remington, of whom Clarkson has essential actual guardianship. Individuals recently revealed in November 2020 that Blackstock looked for more than twofold that sum in help, $436,000 each month. (Clarkson has a big name separate from lawyer Laura Wasser, who is addressing her, to thank for the abatement.) The request for help descended on July 27 in Los Angeles County Court and requires Clarkson to pay Blackstock $1.25 million to cover lawyer expenses and continuous expenses in the separation.

As per the Blast, the documenting records Clarkson’s month-to-month income as more than $1.5 million, making the $195,000 to Blackstock simply a little scratch. Blackstock recently functioned as Clarkson’s manager since 2007, close by his dad Narvel (the ex of Reba McEntire), and in the wake of their separation, Clarkson has additionally blamed the group for extortion, contending they filled in as her administrators without headhunter licenses and owe her millions. (He denied the cases in a resulting recording, per Us Weekly.) According to the new separation documenting, Blackstock has “settled on an extremely conscious decision to completely change him and become a farmer full-time,” and will leave the executives — besides the “minimal time,” he goes through working with his sole customer, Blake Shelton. As a component of Blackstock’s arrangements, he will keep the couple’s Montana farm, which Clarkson recently needed to sell, and be answerable for around $81,000 each month in installments for the home loan and upkeep.

As per TMZ, Clarkson requested an appointed authority toward the start from July to proclaim her legitimately single, in front of resolving subtleties like spousal help. The power source said Blackstock has asserted the couple’s prenup is invalid, which makes certain to haul out their separation further. Meanwhile, the $200,000 in help is an impermanent number, as indicated by the Blast, that could change as the previous couple settle the remainder of their separation in court.

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Lil Nas X has delivered one more banger with perfect timing to make your end of the week 10x better

Proceeding from the absolute best secret, which took his fight in court with Nike over the now-notorious “Satan Shoes” as motivation, the video for his new tune “Industry Baby” sees the artist in Montero State Prison. The musical mystery, which has since been presented on his YouTube channel as an introduction, saw him condemned to five years. Presently, we consider Lil To be X’s life as a detainee – which incorporates bare shower streak hordes and incredible departures in the vein of Shawshank Redemption. (Per the video’s credits, the story was composed by Lil Nas X himself.)

Besides being a notable video, “Industry Baby” is likewise a YouTube pledge drive profiting from non-benefit association The Bail Project. “Music is how I battle for freedom. Yet, genuine opportunity requires a change in how the criminal equity framework functions, beginning with cash bail,” Lil Nas X composed on the pledge drive depiction. “I know the aggravation that imprisonment brings to a family, and I know the lopsided effect that money bail has on Black Americans. There are such countless stories that approach us to make a move, and I welcome you to go along with me in this significant civil[rights] argument.”

The tune, highlighting Kentucky rapper Jack Harlow, is delivered by the music team Take a Daytrip and Kanye West and opens with victorious horns that make for an ideal Spongebob image, which we realize Lil Nas X cherishes. The rowdy track vows to follow the accomplishment of Lil Nas X’s past hits like “Old Town Road” and “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”

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Chinese-Canadian artist Kris Wu blamed for date assault by an undergrad

Chinese brands have disavowed the Chinese-Canadian artist entertainer Kris Wu after he was blamed for date assault by an undergrad.

Wu shot to distinction as an individual from the South Korean boyband EXO. Subsequent to leaving the gathering in 2014 he sought after rewarding acting, modeling, and singing in China.

On Sunday, Du Meizhu, 19, imputed the 30-year-old pop player for date-assaulting her when she was 17. She likewise said Wu had intercourse with somewhere around seven different young ladies younger than 18, alluring them with liquor and guarantees of publicity.

These incorporate two “who are still minors who don’t need their lives to be upset yet wish to see him rebuffed,” Du said.

Wu, who likewise holds Canadian citizenship and grew up in Vancouver and Guangzhou, denied the charges via online media.

“I just met Miss Du once at a companion’s social occasion, I didn’t employ her with liquor … I have never ‘constrained ladies into sex’ or occupied with ‘date assault’,” he composed on Monday, adding he doesn’t have intercourse with underage young ladies. His studio said it had started a lawful activity against the accuser.

Homegrown skincare brand Kans, music streaming stage Yunting, and cleanser producer Libai reported they would cut off all binds with Wu. The artist holds a few worthwhile promoting manages extravagance brands.

“My life has certainly been demolished,” Du said. “In spite of the fact that I have just at any point laid down with Wu, the general population has since a long time ago idea that I’m harmed products,” she wrote in a Weibo post with more than 7.3m hits.

Du, who said she needed equity for other affirmed casualties, gave Wu a final offer to stop the Chinese media outlet within 24 hours and apologize openly.

The lawful period of sexual assent in China is 14.

The claims set off an overflowing of fortitude from Chinese ladies, with the Weibo hashtag “girls help girls” acquiring than 130m perspectives by Monday.

The hashtags “Du Meizhu” and “Du Meizhu requests Wu Yifan report he is stopping media outlets” acquired 1.8bn and 440m perspectives individually on the Twitter-like stage.

During China’s #MeToo development, started by women’s activist activists in 2018, a small bunch of individuals of note went wrong after lewd behavior charges, giving ladies the fortitude to voice their encounters with rape online interestingly.

However, activists say China’s murky general set of laws regularly makes looking for equity troublesome.

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