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Jennifer Lopez even at the age of 50 gives us the fitness goals.

She is 50 and omg she is hot and sizzling. She workouts like a beast. And she can give many youngsters run for the money. Yes, we are talking about THE JENNIFER LOPEZ. It’s not just that her music and acting which makes us swoon over her. But also, her fitness which inspires us so much. Subsequently, we dug a deeper into this and brought to you her sworn by regime.

J’LO swears on this ab routine

First set includes of 50 reps each
1. hanging abs exercise
2.rope crunches
3.incline sit-ups

Second set includes everything in the first set but with 35 reps

Third set includes everything same but this time with 21 reps.
Interestingly Jennifer doesn’t take any break between her sets. Hence, she is in the beast mode.

J’lo and her lower body workout regime
lunges with dumbbells into weighted rope crunches
leg presses with weights
Seated leg extensions
Weighted hip thrusts

She does 5 sets of the above exercise. In addition to that her trainer revealed that ‘platypus walk ‘is something she does. According to her trainer platypus walk is the most amazing workout for the butts. Moreover she is into spiderman pushups to keep her arms all toned.

Do you see those killer abs Jennifer Lopez has? Who isn’t the fan of the same? Those abs are definitely made in kitchen we swear. Jennifer relies highly on fresh and organic food. She literally stays away from all kind of processed food and specially sugar. Some days she takes complex starch and carbohydrates e.g., Oatmeal, brown rice and quinoa etc. she doesn’t go take cheat meals very frequently.

Apart from that you can always follow following exercise regime to keep up with Jennifer Lopez’s workout regime.
1.Sumo squats with medicine ball
Place your legs little wider than your shoulders. point your toes outwards. go down in the position of the squat while holding the medicine ball. This exercise will target your glutes, inner thighs and abs.

2.Reverse lunges
Step back and bend your one leg in a way that your other leg is touching the ground. while doing this remember that your front leg is parallel to the ground.

3.Planks but with medicine ball
Keep your medicine ball on the ground and come in the plank position while holding the ball in the place this will put your abs under lot of sweat.

4.Shoulder taps
Lie down on the ground in the position of plank now start tapping your shoulders one by one. This will engage your core and shoulders alike.

5.Side plank
Lie down on your side. Put the weight of your body on your one forearm and light your hips and body up. keep your other hand up. This will target your sides and thighs. will definitely make your core strong.