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we spotted Camila and Austin together hand in hands strolling in L.A

It seems Camila Cabello has finally decided to bury her past with Shawn Mendes. Camila Cabello has decided to move on from her previous heart break. We know this because the pictures of Camila are surfacing with her new beau. There were rumors round the corner for quite some time. Since June the duo have been making the headlines. The two were out for a night out in June. 

According to the sources the duo met through a common friend. Apparently the beau has asked his family and fifth harmony member Nicholas Galitzine. The guy who has gained all this attention is none other than Austin kevitch. If we believe the sources, Austin has asked his friend cum family member to set him up with CamilaCcabello.

The Havana singer broke up with ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes 9 months back. And now we got the information that the singer has found her new love in Austin Kevitch. 

The daily mail obtained the picture of the couple. We can see Camila wearing a blue floral dress walking hand in hand with Austin Kevitch .

In yet another picture we see the couple having breakfast . Camila kissed her boyfriend while caressing his face. We definitely know now that love is in the air.

The two are showing a lot of PDA lately. Furthermore,these snaps confirm the rumors of the duo dating.

Austin Kevitch is the founder of the very famous and yet premium dating app. The dating app known is ‘LOX CLUB. 

The Havana singer and Shawn Mendes dated each other for 3 years. They met in the year 2019.however the couple broke up 9 months back and released the statement.They said that they are over with the relationship but they are still friends and respect each other for the people they are .

Recently Camilla also opened up about the trolling she faced. She mentioned how she struggled with body image. And the trolling took a greater part of her peace. Further she said that she suffered from a lot of anxiety and trolling . The constant trolling had a severe impact on her mental health.

We hope that with this new love blossoming in her life she gets respite.

Camilla Cabello released her new album Familia in April 2022. It got mixed reviews from the listener.