Girl’s Mom Looks so Young She’s Often Mistaken for Her Sister

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Girl’s Mom Looks so Young She’s Often Mistaken for Her Sister

For many women, restrictive societal beauty standards can put a real dampener on their lives. We're all expected to look perfectly polished and ready for a photoshoot at all times. And one highly pernicious standard that women are held to? We're simply not allowed to age - or at least, age visibly.

Well, one woman from California seems to have cracked the code. Scroll on for the mom and daughter pair who literally look like sisters - and to get all of mom's beauty secrets!

On top of juggling a career, personal relationships, romance, a family, and personal fulfillment, we’re also expected to look absolutely flawless doing it.

But, for certain women, things get even harder.

Moms really have it rough when it comes to being judged for their appearances. Either they’re too drab and mumsy, or too sexy – it’s almost as though they can’t win.

Because all women are essentially supposed to be fighting a losing battle.

Even though aging is a privilege that not everyone gets, it’s also paradoxically the biggest no-no in terms of female appearance. We’re ideally supposed to look like teenagers forever.

But one California woman appears to have done the impossible.

The internet has gone wild this week after a photo of an incredibly youthful-looking mom went viral.

This is Meilani Parks.

She’s a twenty-year-old student from Northern California.

“‘I’m pretty pragmatic and try not to worry too much about the past or anticipate worries in the future.”Now that’s an anti-aging tip we can get on board with!Fancy more mother-daughter content? Scroll on for two with a rather controversial side-hustle.