What’s your Reaction?

She works hard all day so that everyone gets food at their tables.

She works herself to death at her job and then at the house.

She has unconditional love and understanding even for those who wish to hurt her.

Unfortunately, it is her loved ones sometimes.

She is the first person we open our eyes to when we come into this world.

Yes! We are talking about the presence of God in the life of every person on this planet.

Today is the day we cherish all the happy times and pay our tribute to our god.

No, We are not saying this after watching a family movie, but we want you to imagine a little bit.

Confused? Bear with us a little more.

She carried you in her womb for 9-months, which is itself painful just thinking about.

She took care of you after your first breakup, gave you support through hard times.

She stood for you when the whole world was against you.

She was, is, and will always remain in front of you to protect you when danger rears its ugly head.

Need we say more?

Today, on the 10th of May, 2020, every person will pay respects to the person who brought them into this world and took care of them – The Divine Goddess we know by names as Mom, Mother, Mummy, Mama and many others.

However, there is a small issue, which might affect this day of affection and love.

The 2020 Epidemic

We are talking about the Novel Covid-19 disease, which has wreaked havoc around the globe and does not seems to stop as of now.

The ugly truth is that many people are far away from their families in a foreign land and have no chance of coming back before everything returns to normal.

However, we are not saying that this will be an issue for the day when everyone will celebrate Motherhood, which is quite a tough full-time job.

We have come up with some ubercool ways in which you can still make this day special for her in the best way possible.

Mother’s Day and the Lockdown Blues

The corona virus brought all life on the planet to a standstill.

The global economy has been hit hard, not to forget the huge loss of human and animal life.

Many of those stuck at home should consider themselves lucky, as they are with their loved ones all the time and will be celebrating tomorrow with great happiness.

But do not forget about the unfortunate ones who are stranded thousands of miles away from their families and spending this tough time away from everyone.

The only method of communication for them has been video calls or emails.

Do you know what will be the most precious moment for them tomorrow?

Yes, you got the point! The love of a mother is greater than any other one can find.

Her care and love is pure and without any intentions.

She does not have any hidden intentions behind that unconditional support.

It does not matter how many times one would ask the same question to a mother, the big difference is – She would never get angry unlike other individuals.

The love of a mother cannot see beyond the happiness of her own child.

With that, let us now get down to how you can make this day the best one for her.

So, without further ado! Let us share with you the three cool ways in which you can make tomorrow a priceless day for her.

Stop Saying – I Will Call You Back

We know that many of you would not like this, not one bit.

But, tomorrow is not yours to show tantrums, but to bear them a bit.

The majority of us when receive a call from our mothers are way too busy in our own world and use the golden excuse – I’ll Call Back.

We all know how many times we actually do that thing.

Do you ever stop and think how many times she listens to you cribbing about life, how your boss is an idiot, and how the world is so unfair?

The question comes – Who is There to Hear What She Feels and Wants to Say? The answer – NO ONE.

Now is the time to show her that you care about her much more than your own world.

Hold your horses, call her back and listen to all she has to say.

Organize a Virtual Party

We all have Smartphones but only use it to video calls with friends, family, and our significant others.

But, what about our mother?

In short, what about the one person to whom we owe our life?

Why not use this day to give her the best surprise of her life?

We are talking about organizing a virtual party with all your siblings and other family members to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

To add fun to the party, you can also sing a song or recite a poem, while your siblings can share the fun moments they had to bring a smile to her face.

How About A Video Collage

Why not take your mom down the memory lane when she was young as you and share some priceless memories?

It would be a great idea to dig into some cute past photographs of your mom with family members and create a video collage.

To add to the fun, include her favorite song.

Believe us when we say this – She will be the happiest woman on this planet for an entire day.

Well! That is all, folks!

Remember, friends, partners, and even that girl-next-door will exit your life anytime.

But, a mother will always be standing there to protect you from the storm.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!