workout routine to lose weight
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Workout Routine to lose weight at home

We all are those trying to get those extra pounds off us to get a slim and sleek body which can be flaunted by us every time we go out. So let talk about a workout routine to lose weight in a much efficient and healthy manner.

Workout routine to lose weight can be tricky at times as there is so many workout regime to lose weight; and to choose from them that can actually be beneficial for our self is more tricky and at times we opt for a wrong routine to lose weight; Though it doesn’t harm us but it doesn’t show much of the results which we hoped for. 

So today let’s talk about workout routine to lose weight at home much efficiently and in a healthy manner.

Workout routine to lose weight is not the only thing you need to focus on when it comes to losing weight. A proper diet which is balanced and healthy that doesn’t let your body get weak is also important.

Weight loss is not exactly an easy task and takes a sufficient amount of time according to your body type or shape. So before we get started with the necessary details please do keep in mind that workout routine to lose weight won’t show unrealistic effects.

It will take time, hard work and lot of patience cause results can be incredibly difficult to achieve but workout routine to lose weight with a proper diet will sure work its magic.

Mantras to workout routine to lose weight

Every workout routine to lose weight requires a strategy and proper planning. Just sweating it out is not enough, take a break and think on your calorie intake. Well is your calorie intake higher than what you burn or is it less.

It’s important to keep in mind that the amount of calories you are burning must be higher than what you take in. So here we go with a few mantras to plan workout regime to lose weight:

Keep your Strength training for at least 3 days per week:

The thought of only doing cardio to lose weight would have come across your mind when you plan to lose weight; but the fact that your need strength training as well to keep your body toned is much less known to many. It is important to do strength training as to muscle mass increases your metabolism rate. That means your body works to maintain muscle tissues while helping you burn calories.

Have a Steady – State Cardio session for at least 2 days per week:

A steady state cardio session in a workout routine to lose weight is all about slow and long calorie. All you need to do is keep your heart rate high and keep burning fat. You can chose anything for this running, swimming or hiking the list is endless. It’s all about a steady burning of fat in your body which doesn’t stop, while you are running or jogging. This improves your body’s ability to use oxygen in a much proper way and speeds recovery time as well.

HIIT for at least 1 day per week:

HIIT- High Intense Interval Training, this helps burns more fat and calories than Steady State Cardio sessions. In this you are not just burning calories but you are also increasing your metabolism rate at a much higher level even after the session is done. This session should be timed between 20 to 30 minutes. It builds your cardiovascular fitness alongside improving and increasing your calorie burn, build lean muscles and increase your strength.  Just day this to your any day of steady state cardio and it will work its magic in your workout routine to lose weight.

Let your body Recover- recovery rest for at least 2 days:

Recovery of the body is also important when it comes to workout routine to lose weight. It is a change for your body to rest after 5 days of intense and hard workout routine. Avoid heavy weight-lifts and get down to gentle movements. Movements that helps your blood flow, proper use of oxygen and proper distribution of blood in all the muscles to speed their recovery.

Proper Diet with workout routine to lose weight:

balanced diet

A proper diet plan is one important key to losing weight. Keep junk food as far as possible, keep a track of your sugar intake. Having a balanced diet won’t only help you reduce weight but will also help you maintain your digestive system. Rather than taking big meals divide them into smaller snacks. Increase your consumption of water for a healthy weight loss and glowing skin, water would also keep your body hydrate when you sweat yourself out in the workout routine to lose weight.

The list of exercise for the workout routine to lose weight

Now this is the most important part where we discuss about the exercises which are included in the workout routine to lose weight.

Assuming that we all our beginner and new to workout routine to lose weight, we will start form the beginners level to avoid injury and any kind of other discomforts.

So let’s begin:


workout routine to lose weight

When it comes to losing weight the biggest suggestion is to do cardio. And tell you the fact cardio is an important part of any regime to lose weight. Cardio involves increasing your heart rate which helps you burn your calories fast and in an effective manner. Running, jogging, cycling or swimming are the best way to get your heart rate up and increase your metabolism rate.

Running and jogging is also a good form of warm up which can help you avoid any kind of injury when you start your strength training.

Strength Training:

strength training

This would help you burn your fat, tone your body and help you maintain lean muscles.



the most simple yet the best fat burner. They target your abdominal and legs while improving your metabolism. Stand with feet shoulder wide apart. Now go down in a sitting position and return back to the standing position. Repeat this for 2 to 3 sets of each 15 reps.



the most effect exercise for reducing belly fat and tighten your abs. start by lying on your stomach on the ground with your elbows right below your shoulders. Now up lift your body and balance it on your elbows and toes while engaging your core and drawing your navel towards your spine. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds and do 2 sets of 30 seconds each.


workout routine to lose weight pushup

this exercise targets your core and chest while working on your shoulders and upper back as well. Start by being on the position of a standing plank with your hands shoulder wide apart and slightly above your shoulders. Now engage your core and get down on the ground without bending your knees. Now push your upper body up with the help of your arms and engage your core. Repeat this exercise for at least 2 sets of 15 reps each.



Yoga is also one of the best regime or workout routine to lose weight as it work on your full body while using your body weight and doing some high power stretching that helps you tone your body and helps you get those perfect toned and tight muscles.  

Any type of yoga be it power yoga, hot yoga or just yoga for beginners it will all be beneficial for your body and is also included in your workout routine to lose weighty.

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