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Fitness is the key to success; it keeps your body and mind fit in every aspect. Jai Hemanta Shroff aka Tiger Shroff holds the key and makes his way to success. Everyone is crazy about Tiger shroff Fitness.

As an actor, everyone is not a fan of him but everyone appreciates his fitness, not a single person disagrees with this fact.

About Tiger Shroff Fitness Secrets

He is one of few stars who made his way in the industry from his eye-catching stunts whether in movies, shows, or public events.

Tiger is one of the fittest and well-groomed actors in the film industry. Many actors impress the audience with their cute faces, romantic performances but he is the one who impresses followers with his active status.

He performs his stunts because he is a 5th-degree black belt in taekwondo from the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo headquarters.

His dance moves, dashing action performances also resemble his star, Hrithik Roshan. People also call him Young Hrithik or photostat of Hrithik.

Most muscular men don’t have great flexibility but the tiger has a functional muscle which means he is muscular but he can move swiftly because of his martial arts skills and gymnastics training.

He follows a strict exercise routine with a controlled diet plan. 

His Trainer Rajendra Dhole added” Tiger follows his diet plan very strictly, he never deviated from the decided plan. Diet includes boiled veggies, meat. 

We also give him space for his craving by having cheat days in which he eats red meat (he loves beef), cheese, ice-cream”.

Sometimes he goes out with his father Jackie Shroff for Chinese or Japanese food. He doesn’t smoke or consume alcohol.

Here is the workout plan of tiger shroff fitness-

Daily Workout Routine

Three Minute Break Between Sets.

Start to push yourself to add one or two reps with every set.

Day I Legs

  • 4 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of squats with 190kg weight on shoulders
  • 4 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of hamstrings curls with 90kg weights
  • 4 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of step-ups with 90kg weight
  • 4 sets ✕ (4-8) reps barbells
  • 4 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of free squats

Day II Back

  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of pull-ups
  • 4 sets ✕ (10-12) reps of lateral machine pull-downs (80-85kg)
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of low and one-arm dumbbell rolls of 100 kg

Day III Shoulders

  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of knee and shoulder press with 90 kg weights
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of the military press
  • 6 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of lateral raises using dumbbells
  • 6 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of lateral raises using the machine
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of rear flyes with 40kg weight

Day IV Chest

  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of flat bench
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of incline bench
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of dumbbell press
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of chest flye

Day V Arms

  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of Olympic barbell curls with 60 kg weight
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of dumbbell curls with 32 kg weights
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of reverse curls with 30kg weight
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of close grip barbell presses
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of press downs
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of skull crushers with 68kg weight

 Day VI 

  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of deadlifts with 250 kg weight
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of squats with 100 kg weight
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of kneeling and press with 50 kg weight
  • 12 sets ✕ (4-8) reps of plyometric push-ups

Day VII Abs

  • 12 sets ✕ 12 reps of crunches
  • 12 sets ✕ 10-12 of hanging reverse crunches
  • 12 sets ✕ 10-12 reps of 10 kg weight loaded reverse crunches
  • 12 sets ✕ 10-12 reps of standing and seated calf presses

Diet Plan

The fit body also needs a healthy diet. There is a quote that says abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym, which means to keep your body fit, you must eat a healthy complete meal consciously.

Tiger has a strict diet schedule. He didn’t eat any kind of processed and junk food and also make the distance from carbohydrate-rich food, sugary items.

He is a non-vegetarian which benefits him because by this he adds protein in his diet from eggs, chicken, and rest from legumes.

Breakfast – 10 egg whites, oatmeal.

Lunch – Brown rice, Boiled Vegetables, Chicken.

Dinner – Broccoli, Fish.

He used to take Protein shakes, Dry fruits, Nuts every two Hours as a snack item.

Tiger also has cheat days, as a normal human being, he also have craving for some items like ice-cream and Dark Chocolate.

He follows a strict regime that he avoids heavy carbs after 5 pm and prefers to eat home-cooked items which help in lowering the body fat. 

According to his trainer, he has only 7-9% body fat.

Water and a low sodium diet also play a key role in maintaining body looks, as salt makes you look bloated. He uses to drink Seven to Eight liter of water a day.

Q&A on Tiger Shroff Fitness

Q. Do you have any specific fitness sport you like the most?

A. I prefer to do many things to maintain the interest. I do martial arts, parkour, weight training. I installed a treadmill in my room. Every morning I get up and run on the treadmill to warm up my body.

Q. What is your daily routine to keep your body fit?

A. I used to run on the treadmill for 45 minutes in the morning to warm up my body. After that, I go for martial arts or gymnastics in the morning. Then I have my lunch and after that, I go to the gym. I prefer to hit different body parts on different days. The next day I prefer to dance as replace of martial arts or gymnastics.

Q. What are your three favorite exercises?

A. Deadlift, Free weight Squat, and probably Bench press.

Q. Do you have any specific diet plan for the whole month or any specific period?

A. My diet also depends on my routine. E.g while doing a movie my diet depends on the type of role I am doing. According to the role I need to change my body type like a lean body, bulky, or anything that story demands.

Q. How necessary is it to have the right training gear during the workout?

A. Right training gears are very important. It Shouldn’t restrict your movement, feel comfortable, and must provide required support while performing moves.

Q. Any specific Fitness mantra that you follow?

A. I think my only mantra is happiness. Your mind plays an important role. If you are happy your body releases happy hormones (Endorphins) and other hormones. Which support body repair, functionality, also improve your skin quality, etc. Overall positive benefits.

If you are stressed then your body releases cortisol (stress hormone) and it makes everything blunder like stress eating, improper body functioning, loose hairs, get acne and other adverse effects so be happy and make others happy too.

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