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Here’s the best skin care routine for cystic acne prone skin which can help you prevent and treat cystic acnes.

When it comes to pimple we all look for the best skin care routine and when it’s about cystic acnes; we need the best skin care routine for cystic acne prone skin.   

All of us have struggled with acnes once in our life time and many of us are still dealing with the scars left behind from these acnes and pimples.

We all have our stories when it comes to acnes and pimples; many have used wrong products and almost all of us have tried to pop them up which have left us with many unwanted scars and bumps on our skin and we are still dealing with it.

pimples story

But Cystic Acne isn’t just a normal pimple; and hence we need the best skin care routine for cystic acne to treat them better. It is the most serious type of acne which is developed underneath your skin. Cystic Acne is the result of combination of bacteria, oil, dead and dry skin all together trapped in your pores.

As far as the treatment for these acnes goes, your daily skin care routine or DIY’s at home might not work for these bad boys.

The best skin care routine for cystic acne is to make sure to remove excess oil from the skin; but not make the skin dry.

They leave behind scars which may make your skin appear pockmarked and fissured; which is why dermatologists mostly take a high end combination approach of topical treatment and antibiotics.

skin care for cystic acne

Before we talk about the best skin care routine for cystic acne prone skin, let’s see how to treat them just in case you’re too busy to rush into the dermatologist office to get it done with.

So let’s jump to these few ways ASAP.

No matter how tempting, don not try to pop it:

No popping your pimple is recommended by almost everyone, which we all neglect every time. But in the case of Cystic acne don’t even dare to think about it….. I repeat no matter how satisfying or tempting it might feel, do not try to pop Cystic acne.

Trying to popping it will only make it worst; not only with the pus but also with the scar. These acnes are made up of deep pockets of white blood cells and cannot be popped.

And while you put extra force on these cystic acnes they will hurt more; increase further and would leave scars which will make your skin appear pockmarked and fissured.  So remember do not pop cystic acnes.

Ice it like sprained ankle

Since cystic acnes form underneath our skin, we easily come to know when it starts to form. To fight the oncoming redness and swelling ice it like a sprained ankle. Ice would help you keep redness in bay and help fight the swelling; while it also keeps the increment of its size in bay. The ice will also narrow down small blood vessels from feeding the cystic acne.

Use different ingredients to treat Cystic acne

When you are treating the cystic acne use two to three different ingredients which would work differently on the acne. As dermatologist recommend salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide work wonders on cystic acnes.

Try using products which have these ingredients in them for the best skin care routine for cystic acne.

Daily and Best Skin Care Routine for Cystic Acne

Since we now how difficult Cystic acnes can be to manage, the best skin care routine for cystic acne are made up of products which have high salicylic acid cleanser, an oil free moisturizer and benzoyl peroxide spot treatment as cherry on the top.

People with dry or sensitive skin would end up with very dry skin texture due to high concentration of salicylic acid so for them it’s recommended to use the mildest one.  The range of the salicylic acid in cleansers is between 0.5% to 2% max.

So for people with sensitive and dry skin the use of 0.5% concentrated salicylic acid cleanser are recommended which would not over dry their skin.

Step One Cleansing:

The basic and the most important step for and skin care routine is cleansing your skin thoroughly. The best skin care routine for cystic acne starts with a thorough cleaning of your skin. And while choosing a cleanser, do keep in mind your skin type.

 Cleansers with salicylic acid are best recommended for the very first step for the best skin care routine for cystic acne.

 As such cleansers with salicylic acid also have beta-hydroxy acid which removes excess oil, dry off the pimple and also removes dead skin. The concentration range in which salicylic acid is present in cleansers starts from 0.5% to maximum of 2%.

There are many cleansers with salicylic acid such as ‘Murad Clarifying Cleanser’ or the ‘Inkey List Salicylic Acid Acne + Pore Cleanser’ or the ‘CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser’.

cleanser for cystic ance skin

I would again repeat…. please keep in mind your skin type while choosing the cleanser. Cause high concentration of salicylic acid can leave the skin very dry especially if you have sensitive and dry skin.

For sensitive and dry skin type cleansers like Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser are recommended.

skin care for cystic acne cleanser

Step Two Moisturizing:

No matter what keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized is a must and one of the important part too for the best skin care routine for cystic acne prone skin or any type of skin care routine.

After a thorough cleansing of the skin with salicylic acid based cleanser; it is a must to moisturize your skin with an oil free moisturizing cream in order to keep a healthy skin barrier.

moisturizer for cystic acne

Oil free moisturizing cream would help your skin keep up a healthy barrier as well as prevent it from over drying.

Creams like Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet or Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture or Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer.

cystic acne skin cream

Step Three Spot Treatments:

Spot treatment is like cherry on the cake. It targets the cystic acne and is also important for best skin care routine for cystic acne prone skin.

The key ingredient here is benzoyl peroxide which reduces the acne causing bacteria on the skin. The concentration range for this key ingredient starts from minimum 2.5% up to 10%.

Using the highest concentration of benzoyl peroxide is not necessary, products with lower concentration of benzoyl peroxide shows the same effect as that with higher concentrations.

Leave on cystic acne spot treatment product like Paula’s Choice Clear Daily Skin Clearing Treatment are recommended, but do consult with the dermatologist before use.

The best skin care routine for cystic acne has many more products which can be used or are recommended. But for the best the best results it is important to keep in mind your skin type as well as the concentrations of the key ingredients in your product.

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