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Rebel Wilson is showing off her 40lb weight with a new picture which actually makes her look like a Disney Princess.

Rebel Wilson is keep the Instagram live; while she took it to her Instagram account on August 20th to show off her new body; as she posted a snap of herself.

Wilson captioned her post as “Disney Princess x” with a camera and popcorn emoji. In the picture which she posted Rebel Wilson was seen sporting a white T-shirt which was sheer enough to give glimpse of her fit and slim frame.

 The white T-shirt had a Disney logo written across her chest in pink colour; furthermore Rebel gave a buoyant expression and a powerful shot towards the camera, while she placed her hand on her hips.

 The background of the picture was as stunning as Rebel Wilson; with the beautiful vista of Los Angeles, suburban homes and leaves. She received a number of compliments for the picture in which she was looking extremely beautiful.

Her fans cheered her up saying that she is a ‘super star’, looked ‘gorgeous’ and ‘strong’.

Although this isn’t new for Rebel Wilson; cause she’s been posting her weight loss journey on Instagram for a long time now; and the fans are loving it; while giving her love and support to her journey.

On 15th August, Rebel Wilson was once again showing off her weight loss in a bold yellow dress looking as stunning as ever.

While captioning the post as “Hottest day of the year” and her picture was fully lived up to the Caption.

With the plunge neckline and a cinched waist line, Rebel was looking dazzling in Wayen Cooper’s dress. Her makeup was done by the perfectionist Matthew Vanleeuwen and hair which flowed effortlessly were done by Robert Vetica.

Rebel Wilson being transparent about her Weight Loss Journey

Apart from being comfortable with showing off her weight loss; Rebel Wilson has been very open and transparent about her journey to her new body and her new lifestyle which leads to her weight loss.

Around in June Rebel Wilson talked about her mental and emotional health; and how she is making a transition into her weight loss journey.

And to tell you the truth, keeping everything aside, her dedication for having fun and healthy lifestyle id commendable. Her fans can’t wait for more.            

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