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What you need to know about Les Mills workout is altogether in one…

Who doesn’t wanna loss weight, who doesn’t wanna slim down and wear that gorgeous dress which they saw in a mall, but many of us either don’t have a workout routine or hate working out, but what if involves the chart topping music and dance moves that will refresh your body as well as get your heart racing and calories burning, furthermore have you ever thought about Workout routine with the combination of power pack music. Yup people I am talking about Les Mills Workout.

Things you need to cover about Les Mills workout

Les Mills workout are a well-choreographed moves which fits with the music, and since the moves and combinations keeps on changing, they keep your body guessing and on toes during every workout.

These workouts are safe and are combined together based on a good quality of research to get the best results.

How Les Mills Workout did begin?

Les Mills a four times Olympian is the man through with it all started. He started his very first gym in Auckland, New Zealand,with a simple mind set of a simple operation of cardio training and basic strength training for a small athlete’s community.

Who all can do Les Mills workouts?

Since these workouts are safe and are basic combinations of movements with music, these workouts can be done by literally anyone, be it of any age group, be it of anyone from any shape and size literally anyone can do these workouts other than the workouts which are labelled as HIIT.

What is Les Mills HIIT?

The Les Mills HIIT is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which builds cardiovascular fitness while improving and maximizing your calorie burn, strength and building lean muscles and so the HIIT workout just takes your fitness to the next level.

Where are Lees Mills Workout classes found?

There are gyms around the world that are paying for the license of Les Mills. Or you can stream the Les Mills On Demand streaming services from your home.

What is Les Mills On Demand?

Les Mills On Demand is an online fitness solution which is designed by Les Mills’ to just support your workout wherever you go, so that means thanks to On Demand you are not going to miss your workout even if you are on holiday and the On Demand are of the same high quality workouts.

Programs offered by Les Mills workout

A bit of everything is involved in Les Mills workout programs.

  • The Body jam: is a super fun dance without any equipment, but just your body-weight.
  • Les Mills’ Body Pump: with the help of Barbell and weight plates, full body resistance training
  • Mills’ Body Attack: a high energy sports conditioning using body-weights.
  • CXWORX: with the help of weight plates and a resistance band, function core training.
  • Sprint: it is a HIIT on an indoor bike.
  • RPM: cycling using indoor bike.
  • Body Combat: martial arts using body-weight.

There are many more workout routines like bodyFlow, Sh’bam, Barre, Tone and many more.

And since the saying goes that great bodies aren’t born they are made and to do so you have to step up the game, so Let’s get started to know a little more about the programs which are offered by Les Mills workout for a little more best results.

Body Pump:

Body pump

Les Mills Body Pump workout will tone, sculpt and strengthen your entire body, furthermore the Body Pump workout is also known as The Rep Effect. Body Pump workout is a 60 minute workout program which challenges most of the major muscle groups in your body.

Les Mills body pump

Les Mills workout Body Pump workout routine is a breakthrough in resistance workout and so the Body Pump workout focuses on exercise like squats, presses, lifts and curls with low weight loads and high repetition movements.

The Body Pump workout helps you burns fat, helps you gain strength and quickly produce lean body. Body Pump is the original Les Mills Barbell Class.

Body Attack:

body attack workout

Les Mills Body Attack workout is a sports inspired cardio workout, so the Body Attack workout leaves you energised while building strength and stamina. In short Body Attack program is a combination of powerful music, athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercise.

The Body Attack workout motivates everyone towards their physique and fitness goals. Body Attack workout is an extremely intense and balanced workout.

Les Mills body attack workout

Les Mills workout Body Attack regime makes you do aerobic movements, burpees, squats between cardio drills. The Body Attack workouts are a combination of moves set for both a beginner and a total addict.

Body Attack workout will help you burn fat and get you much better results.

Body Combat:

body combat workout

Les Mills workout Body Combat is fiercely high energetic martial arts programmed workout. Body Combat is totally non-contact. Through Body Combat workout you are punching and kicking your way to superior fitness.

The Les Mills’ Body Combat workout is a huge array of different martial arts such as boxing, karate, taekwondo, tai Chi and cardio fitness. Body Combat workout would help you burns up to 740 calories per class.

Les Mills boy combat workout

Les Mills’ Body Combat workout requires no such first-hand experience in any of the martial art forms. Body Combat workout is a full stress release workout.

The Body Combat workout last in between 30 to 55 minutes. Body Combat workout is a fuel to cardio fitness and Body Combat brings the best fighter spirit out of you.


CXWORX classes

Les Mills CXWORX is an intense workout of muscles around the core. CXWORX workout takes your fitness to the next level.

CXWORX workout strengthen and tons your body. The CXWORX classes are strong and crucial ingredient for a stronger core.

Mills’ CXWORX classes utilises your body weight, weight plates and resistance bands to challenge your strength and balance.

CXWORX class is an intense core training workout which last 30 minutes.

Les Mills CXWORX workout

Les’ CXWORX classes works on the ling muscles which connect upper body and lower body and on torso.

The CXWORX classes are ideal to tighten tummy and butt. CXWORX classes assist in preventing injury and CXWORX classes also help improve your functional strength.

Body Jam:

body jam workout

Les Mills workout Body Jam routine is a combination of high power music and latest dance styles. Body Jam workout is the most addictive and hottest way of breaking sweat. The Body jam is a full super fun dance workout which makes you groove over high power music. Body Jam helps you burn calories.


Les Mills RPM workout routine

Les Mills workout RPM is an indoor cycling workout with a combination of bang power music. RPM take your terrain through hills, flats and time trails. RPM helps you burn calories much faster.

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Body Combat 80:

body combat workout

Body Combat 80 is the most famous music track list for the Body Combat workout with bang powerful chart topping music.

#1A Bashment Ting: Rob & Jack X Sanjin

#1B La La La: Willy William

#2 Headsprung: LL Cool J

#3 Holding Onto Heaven (Kove Remix): Foxes

#4 Blanket Me: Hundred Waters

#5A Flower: Moby

#6 Run Wild: Thutmose, NOMBe

#7 THE DROP: Gammer

#8 By Your Side: Stonebank feat. EMEL

#9 Midnight: Horn Through

#10 Heads Up: JAIN

BodyComBat 81:

 Les Millsbody combat workout

Les Mills workout BodyCombat 81 is the most famous music track list for the BodyCombat workout with bang powerful chart topping music.

#1A Drop It Down [Extended Mix]: Sidney Samson feat. Vasin

#1B Bullet Blowz: Havana Brown & Kronic

#2 Mangalam: Will Sparks & Maddise

#3 Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie (high Contrast Remix): Arlissa & Jonas Blue

#4 Nice Flow (Original Mix): Smookie Illson & Fly Boi Keno

#5 False Alarm: The Weeknd

#6 How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah):  Cue Sheets

#7 Public Enemy: Boss Boys

#8 Get You There: Matrix & Futurebound feat. Zelah

#9 Tell Me You Love Me (Matrix & Futurebound feat. Zelah): Demi Lovato

#10 Like I Would (The White Panda Remix): ZAYN.

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