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Ellie Goulding is here to show off her beautifully Toned and Ripped muscles

Just look at Ellie Goulding showing off her ripped muscles and toned body. On 18th August, “Lights” singer posted a picture of herself showing off incredibly toned arms, legs and tight stomach.

She started her caption as, “There aren’t many muscular women in popular culture. Nothing I do in the gym is for vanity.”


As she continued, she said; “To me, it isn’t intimidating or scary to be strong (in fact, anyone who has met me knows I am the most pathetically shy and self-deprecating person)”; to which she added, “When posting gym photos, I only ever wanted to show that with all the things I’ve overcome.”

Ellie continued saying, “Keeping fit and strong has been my ultimate escape. I have no extraordinary athletic ability, and I was crap at sports as a kid (I was severely asthmatic I could barely even laugh without a coughing fit); but I’ve pushed myself and used all willpower I can master to keep at it. As hard as it is to stay motivated, especially right now, I still recommend it passionately for any mental health issue you are facing….. even a small walk or jog. PS – I didn’t do any exercise today because I didn’t wanted to! Might not tomorrow either.”

She ended her caption by saying, “Love to all the strong women out there and to those just getting starting- I am with you”.


Although many parts of US is acting like the corona virus pandemic is done with there are still some gyms which are shut down due to safety purposes.

With workout equipments at home many celebrities didn’t face much of a change in their workout routines; as their workout equipments came in handy while the world is at a shut down.

Many celebrities like Steph and Ayesha Curry posed their home gym around in March; while showing that a lockdown can’t slow them from getting swole.

Whereas some celebrities have made their workouts more delightful thanks to their romantic partners; celebs like Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa were spotted pedalling; Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin were hiking around Malibu and many more.

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